Our Beef can be found at:

Piccalilli Farm's Online Ordering - Manhattan, KS
​Simply Good Overstocks - McPherson, KS
and Hutchinson, KS
Herman's Meat & Smokehouse - Topeka, KS
Grove Gardens - Council Grove, KS
Home Delivery Available - Free with $50 purchase!


Beef Bacon

The bacon is cured and smoked from the brisket or the ribs. $10/lb. SOLD OUT

Short Ribs

Sold Out


*Sold Out till 11/2021*


*Limited Quantities*
KC Strip, Tri-Tip, Flat Iron,  and more!

Our Products

Flank & Skirt Steak

Perfect for marinating and grilling. These don't last long! $9.99/lb.

​*Limited Quantity Available*


4-8# available

Sirloin Fajita Meat

Want something quick and easy? We have strips cut for fajitas ready to go. Sold Out

Broth & Soup Bones

​Enjoy 5 lbs of broth bones for $10! Only a few remain.

 Ground Beef

85/15 - $7/lb

95/5 - $10/lb

All prices do not include shipping costs. Please contact us for individual steak prices and shipping.

Original, Jalapeno, & Jalapeno/Cheddar Summer Sausage

16oz. rolls of beef summer sausage. Pair this with our 4 oz. packages of Beef Snack Sticks and you have the perfect gift!

$10 ea.          ​SOLD OUT!!

 Minute Steak

4 steaks to a package. $8/ea.

Only a few left!

​Beef Brats 

Sold Out.

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